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HP Executive Forum 2018

A Staging Solutions production for HP Americas, I worked as the Creative Director, providing oversight and management for the product showcase, known as the Innovation Experience. The Innovation Experience was a brand journey experience, designed as a linear journey from beginning to end, inspired by triptychs- was totally set in the round. The brand journey provided for a multi-phase, multi-environment experience, scripted for sales leaders to take top partners and customers from the Americas through a customer journey showcasing all of HP's latest and greatest products across retail, home and work, medical, office, and professional gaming verticals. 

The immersive design experience is one that I haven't seen matched yet- with the lead art director and designer, walking clients through live refinements in the planning and design phase, all the way to execution, where we delivered a fully immersive HP experience, where every detail represented their brand and product suite, down to the paper we used on walls and the ink used in the production of all walls and immersive spaces. Truly a project for the history books as it represented the intersection of meaningful immersive customer experiences and cutting-edge, precision when it comes to scenic design, experiential design, and delivery of a white glove brand experience and customer program.

Client | HP Americas

Venue | Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa Las Vegas

Production + Scenic Design | Staging Solutions

Creative Director w/ Staging Solutions | Bianca Ferrer

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