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MassChallenge TX in Houston - Finale Showcase

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

This was a really fun experience to deliver. I was enlisted by MassChallenge TX Houston to provide creative direction and planning for an investor showcase debut in the Houston market, furthering the reach of MassChallenge as a driver of our innovation ecosystem. This showcase highlighted 25 brilliant early-stage startups, many from Houston.

This post isn't about the startups- it's about the Houstonians who came together to co-create in true #hustletown fashion.

I worked alongside Lauren Mitchell and Jon Nordby to help them realize and deliver an authentically Houston investor showcase experience, in a very "Can Do Spirit" on a short time, dime and small team. Innovation in creativity and in making.

My favorite role to play- the curator highlighting the talents of our subjects and also the makers involved in creating the experience. This all paired with a same day transformation of a touring stage into a showcase stage with the collaboration and great support of the crew at House of Blues and Luke McKibben - made it one to remember.

The MCTX Houston Finale showcase featured the small touches from makers spanning custom screen printed artwork designed by Lauren Klich and printed by Ann Brooks of Black Swan Screen Printing. Stage dressed by Margaret Dodd of Festivities TX, lettering by mom and pop Marquee House of Letters. Custom designed 'trophy' awards done in etched plexi by Kim Cook of Post-Studio Projects. Even down to the bev naps done by a small shop Napkins.Ink. All captured by star photographer, Trish Badger. Set in the very generous 'neighbor' to MCTX as a Midway Company Green Street tenant, thanks to the championing of Amber Day of House of Blues Houston.

Luke Mckibben delivered a recognition video (above) showcasing the top 6 Silver Startups being recognized during the showcase. This video was shot by interview less than a week prior to the occasion following selection and shown as a live reveal prior to the stage entrance of finalists.

Can't resist going into a full roll call when it also allows an opportunity to highlight the great talents and friends we get to co-create with every day! It's all about uncovering and designing to unleash #madpotential.


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