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Digital Event Design

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Digital Event Design + Production

We find ourselves in a new era of live event production - with live events pivoting to digital delivery, taking our audiences from a collective gathering space into a space where audiences experience events through the lens of a screen. While the medium is different- and the venue is wherever our hosts and participants find themselves, businesses need to understand how to continue business event delivery in ways that are digestible, memorable and engaging to stakeholders.

I partner with Luke McKibben to take our clients beyond the platform - into the space of design and presentation support providing Digital Event Strategy and Production offerings, a combination of both of our expertise, in event design and video production.

I provide strategic solutions to clients navigating the digital and live event realms. Luke is a video producer and coach, and together we can offer a range of consulting solutions from design to turnkey concept delivery for digital and hybrid events.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Strategic Consulting + Event Design | We can consult clients toward a solutions oriented approach to reformatting an existing event to digital format or creation of a new digital business event. We can also support teams in planning for a hybrid approach to event delivery - with preparedness plans and strategies for live and digital spaces.

  • Speaker Training + Scripting | Presentation support, now more than ever, is about on screen polish. Through consulting, training, scripting and production training, we make speakers, presenters and leaders "screen ready".

  • Video production | Luke's expertise is in creating documentary style video. He produces story driven videos to drive impact of message- from narrative driven brand messages, to corporate training videos to process and explainer videos. We can support you in the design of your event with the production of videos to drive your experience and to help with infusing alternate modes of engagement into your event. From a well produced, shot and professional video, to a video where you film from your cell phone- Luke provides a range of solutions to meet your remote needs.

  • Creative Direction | We can support you on the creation of the storyboard /themes driving your event messaging, creation of presentation deck + supplemental digital materials, support curation of your digital event and support your message development and communications plan.

  • Facilitation + Moderation of Live Stream Component | We can serve as your live stream moderator and support your on screen presenters with chat/discussion moderation, timing of the stream and hosting of all switching/movements between moments.

  • Remote Content Management | Send us your video/content/raw footage- we edit and host it for you

  • Live Stream Recording and Editing | We can record + edit your live stream footage for extending the digital event experience and further circulation outside of the live space. Check out an example of a highlight reel Luke created to complement the event we've highlighted in the explainer video above. Post-event MassChallenge Application Kickoff Highlight Reel


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